Does Latisse If Used For Eyebrow Hair Growth Cause Loss of Fat?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I would be so thankful if you could help me with a question. 

I lost eyebrows and I decided to take Lumigan. I didn’t have Latisse… but as I know it is the same. I found Lumigan 0.3 which is expired since 2016. But I used it anyway for around 1 week. It was closed and seemed like new.

Unfortunately, i used to many drops… I think it were 10 drops in a small cap in water (bottle top)… I used just a bit of it for each brow.

Later I used Revita Brow for two weeks … 

Now I am just really desperate because I’ve read that bimatoprost (Latisse) could make fat cell loss. 

My question to you:

Can it destroy fat cells around my eyebrows/eyes in just 3 weeks of usage ( + too high dosage of Lumigan and even expired … will the expired Version be stronger or less strong ?? ) 

I would be so thankful for a short answer

I really hope that in this short duration its not destroying fat cells — 

Thank you so much ! 

Warm regards

A: This is not an issue of which I would have any concern with short term usage. This is a potential issue with chronic use which is how it is most commonly used.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana