Does Cheekbone Reduction Through A Coronal Incision Reduce The Risk Of Postop Cheek Sagging?

Q: Dr. Eppley: I am planning to get cheekbone reduction and currently my biggest concern is skin sagging. But i already accepted the risk of skin sag i just want to minimize the severity. I read somewhere cheekbone reduction through coronal incision reduces the risk of skin sagging. Is it true? Which method is better?

A: It is true that the risk of soft tissue cheek sagging with a superior coronal incisional approach in cheekbone reduction osteotomies is less. This is because the stripping of the soft tissues off of the cheek coming from an inferior (below the cheekbones) intraoral incision is avoided. But there are adverse aesthetic consequences to the scalp approach as well, primarily the long scalp incision, the risk of visible scarring and the longer duration of the surgery which will increase the cost of surgery.

Ss you can see no approach to cheekbone reduction surgery is risk free. Your decision as to how to do cheekbone reduction surgery is based, therefore, or which risks you choose to accept if you have the surgery.

Dr Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana