Does Breast Reduction Interfere With Breast Feeding?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in getting a breast reduction done but I would like to know if I can breast feed later on when I decide to have children. I am 25 years old, size 38DD, with a height of 4′ 11”. I have been having a lot of back pains,shoulders, and even neck pain as well. This is why I am interested in breast reduction.

A: Breast reduction is a commonly performed procedure that is frequently done in young women who have not yet had children. Even though it is a breast procedure that involves the glandular tissue, it does not interfere with the ability to breast feed. Many women have had breast reduction that have gone on to have children and were able to breast feed successfully. This is because the nipple-areolar complex and its attached ductal tissue remains intact to the central glandular breast mound which is not disrupted from its vascular attachments to the pectoralis fascia/muscle. Thus breast milk can be made and delivered through the uninterrupted and unscarred ducts out through the nipples. The incisions that one sees on the breast mound after a breast reduction have no connection to the breast lactation system.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana