Does An Implant and Injectable Fillers Create The Same Chin Augmentation Result?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have been trying to figure out about the chin surgery. I have asked a couple of plastic surgeons about what is the difference between chin filling and chin implants. Will either one give you the same type results?

A: What you are asking about is the difference between use injectable fullers to augment the chin  as an office procedure with an instantaneous results versus the use of a chin implant which involves surgery and a recovery. The simple answer is no. The effects they will create are radically different. Injectable fillers to the chin are going to create small temporary augmentation changes while an implant is going to create a larger permanent volume change. Each approach has a role to play in the right patient. But injectable fillers to the chin plays a very small role in the overall number of chin augmentation procedures that are done because the changes are both small and temporary. But if one is looking for just a little augmentation, does not want surgery and is willing to accept that the result is not permanent, then this could be a good treatment. In my experience, I find that this is always a female patient who wants just a little central point augmentation to make the chin more feminine. I use Radiesse injectable filler as it lasts fairly long (one year) and its more thick consistency gives a good push to the overlying soft tissues of the chin as it is placed deep down at the bone level.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana