Does A Vertical Lengthening Chin Implant Need Screw Fixation?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am writing because I just got a vertical lengthening chin implant yesterday. I’ve always been so fond of the design and asked to get it. My surgeon, a board certified plastic surgeon had it done for me yesterday. He has a lot of experience with chin implants. He managed to get the implant in and was a little surprised at how big the implant was. However, after putting it in, he says that he’s pleased with how it looks. He did however, not use a screw to secure the implant. He said it was not necessary and instead used sutures. I read from a past instruction from you that it is necessary. Should I be worried about this? Or once my chin heals, perhaps it will not move anymore? Also I feel two lumps under my neck, at the edge of where the implant was placed. Could this just be swelling? Sorry for these questions, I have been very stressed out and worried if I had chosen the right implant. Please do get back to me. 

A: While I prefer screw fixation for any chin implant, it is not an absolute must as many surgeons don’t use them and they presumably don’t have any issues by not doing so. Ultimately the implant is secured into position by the enveloping scar which occurs by a month or so after the surgery.

All chin implants will develop swelling beyond where it was placed because of the need to develop a wider pocket than that what the implant actually covers for placement. So everyone thinks it looks too big or has unusual lumps among the jawline/neck in the first few weeks after surgery.

Whether this is the right chin implant style or size for you is not something I can answer for you.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana