Does A Lip Reduction Negatively Affect The Functionality Of The Lips?

 Q: Dr. Eppley, when it comes to lip reduction surgery I have one question for you that I have been thinking about lately. As you written previously with a lip reduction the dry vermilion on the lip is what is removed but how does this affect the lip’s functionality? Currently because the dry vermilion bothers me so much I peel it off as it begins to flake and after peeling it off it grows back hours late in a continuous cycle. Now if the dry vermilion is removed does that mean skin will never grow back in that area? And if this is the case what is left on the top lip in the area in which the dry vermilion has been removed?

A: In a lip reduction procedure, whether it is for size reduction or for the treatment of chronic dry/chapped lips, a portion of the dry vermilion is removed in front of the wet-dry line. The dry vermilion removed is ‘replaced’ by the wet mucosa which advances forward from the inside of the lip. The wet mucosa is very soft and supple and thus its replacement of a portion of the dry vermilion poses no functional limitations to the lip.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana