Does A Facelift Lift The Cheeks As Well ?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had a lower face lift done along with neck liposuction. The doctor did a skin only lift and pulled it to the side and incisions were made by ears and in back of  hairline. He redid 4 months later because it was not correct. It is better but I think my cheeks need pulled up, more like a vertical lift. I feel like my cheeks are hanging down by bottom of face. I have already invested $8,000 into this and wondered if I could now just have some vertical pull in cheek area?

A: A facelift (aka neck-jowl lift) never changes or rejuvenates the cheek area on its own in most cases unless a more extensive procedure was done. A neck-jowl lift moves sagging tissues obliquely back towards the ear while sagging cheeks require a more vertical lift as you are aware. However, in looking at your pictures I can not see a great benefit for such a procedure in you. A cheek or midface lift is a very technique-sensitive procedure to do since it often involves incisions along the lower eyelid and there is always the risk of lower eyelid malposition/sagging afterwards. Therefore, one should have a compelling reason to do the procedure. Cheek lifts can also be done endoscopically with a combined incision in the mouth and in the temples in more mild cheek sagging cases.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana