Do You Perform Jaw Angle Reduction Surgery?

Q: I have a very strong square-shaped masculine jawline. I am not dissatisfied with my chin, but I would like to reduce the sides of my jawline, to make my face appear more oval and feminine. Does Dr Eppley do this kind of surgery? I have heard of it referred to as jaw shaving, and it seems to be popular among Asian women. I am Caucasian and I would like to reduce my jawline, not my chin. My jawline makes me look too masculine and I don’t like it.

A: One of the main reasons a jawline can look too square is at the jaw angle prominences. How much the jaw angles flare and how square the angle is has a big impact on the arched shape of the lower jaw which frames the entire lower face.

Jaw angle reduction is a procedure where the shape of the jaw angle is changed. By removing the end of the jaw angle, this area becomes more blunted or rounded. This is done through incisions inside the mouth behind the molar teeth. Using the same surgical access and instruments used to cut the lower jaw and bring it forward, jaw angle reduction is simpler and quicker to perform. There is also no risk to injury of the mandibular nerve or risk of bone healing problems as the bone is not actually split or fractured. Rather a piece of the edge of the bone is removed.

While jaw angle reduction is fairly easy to perform, one must avoid taking away too much of the jaw angle. Over resection of the jaw angle can lead to an unflattering ‘deflation’ of the angle and potential soft tissue sag. The other focus during the procedure is to make both sides evenly reduced. That seems easy but when you are working in the restricted space inside the mouth, asymmetry in resection can easily occur.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana