Do You Do Forehead Reshaping In Men?

Q: I am a male and would be interested in receiving a surgery in order to correct my bulging forehead. Do you perform that kind on procedure on men?

A: Forehead surgery or forehead reshaping can mean different things to various patient, both male and female. The two most common procedures performed on the forehead are brow bone reduction in the male and brow bone reduction/tapering in the transgender patient. (male to female) There are also a variety of other forehead reshaping procedures from defects and asymmetry caused by craniofacial birth defects and trauma and prior neurosurgical/craniotomy operations. Bu, by far, regardless of the diagnosis the vast majority of forehead surgeries are done in men.

The typical cosmetic reason for male forehead surgery is brow bone reduction. Large brow bones, caused by overgrowth of the underlying frontal sinus, can create very prominent bulges in the forehead bone above the eye. (supraorbital rims) While most patients think it is a thickening of the bone and a simple burring down will suffice, this is not so. Rather the frontal table of the frontal sinus (visible brow bone) must be removed, reshaped, and then put back in a more flatter or recessed position. While tremendously effective, the access to perform that procedure requires a long scalp incision. This cosmetic trade-off is a serious one to consider and is usually an issue which prevents most men from having the procedure. Until a more minimally invasive approach to brow bone reduction is developed, most men with prominent brow bones will have to live with them.

Dr. Barry Eppley