Do Temple Implants Have To Be Removed First?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Thank you for the info on my bad temple implants. I want to remove the temple implants completely and just get cheekbone implants on the arch. But can you tell me, will this have to be two operations? First remove temple implants and then do ct scan to make a model of my cheekbone skull area? Because I want custom cheek implants. I worry if I do both in one operation it will be complicated because the ct scan will show the silicone temple implants (which will be near where the cheek implants will be placed). Do temple implants show up in CT scan? And therefore will the protruding temple implant area show up in the 3D model of the skull that is made from the CT scan? I want to come see you to one remove temple implants completely, and two get custom cheek implants high up on my cheekbone arch. Is that possible?

A: It will not be necessary to do two operations. A 3D CT scan can be done in which the existing temple implants will be seen but they can be electronically removed. Thus custom cheek implants can be made even if your temple implants are present.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana