Do Mersilene Mesh Nose Implants Cause Bone Erosion?

Q: Dr. Eppley, How Much Bone Erosion Should I Expect for Mersilene Mesh Nose Implant removal That Was Taken Place almost 7 Yrs Ago?

 I had a double layered of Mersilene Mesh implant inside my nose to augment the nasal dorsum implant inserted 7 yrs ago. I’m planning to remove it soon due to health problem and because I prefer the original me over the implant. However, I have some worrisome about the bone erosion that is brought by the nose implant as well as collageneous built up capsule formation after mesh removal, Will I be swollen for a long time because of that capsule?will I have saddled drooping tip after mesh removal since I used to have a small nose? And if so, how to prevent this from happening? Will I be able to get back to the pre-op nose? Many thanks!

A: There is not going to be any bone erosion from a Mersilene marsh nasal implant removal. The scar tissue that is created from the implant largely goes away with time.

Like all implants placed anywhere on the face or the body, their removal does NOT take one back to their exact preoperative shape or form.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana