Do Jaw Angle Implants Cause Bone Resorption?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hi! I have been considering jaw angle surgery for a while now. But i have one concern in particular. I have read some studies, which are quite out date, that suggest that mandibular angle implants can cause bone resorption. 

I was wondering what your experience has been in this regard? Have you had many patients which have presented with bone resorption following jaw angle implants? or are my fears largely unfounded?

A: All facial implants, regardless of their anatomic location of placement will develop some small amount of passive imprinting on the bone. This is a normal biologic reaction that is neither pathologic nor has any clinical significance. The entire concept of bone resorption in regards to facial implants is largely misunderstood and unfounded. In fact, around jaw angle implants in particular, the much more profound biologic reaction is the development of bony overgrowth that typically occurs on their superior border.

Thus the relevant risks of jaw angle implants have nothing to do with any form of bony response to them. Rather the risks of infection, implant asymmetry and malpositioning are the real risks that patients need to be aware as these are the common risks that result in the need for revisional surgery

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana