Do Infraorbital Rim Implants Need To Be Replaced Because They Wear Out?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have a few of questions regarding infraorbital implants, which I am considering potentially having (I am right now trying to choose between fillers or implants) and would really appreciate some expertise help choosing. 

My first question is, how long do they last, exactly? 

I know they are said to be permanent, but is that figuratively or literally? For instance, would it be possible to actually have them your whole life, or would you have to change them eventually? Given that they are after all of silicone, and that you have to change silicone breast implants each ten years, I mean? 

2) Would it be possible to insert them from the inside of the lower eyelid, or can they only be inserted from the outside? 

3) Finally, I understand that they are attached to the bone with metal screws? Does that mean that if I am passing through the metal detector at an airport that the screws would make the alarm go off? 

And in case I would ever for some reason need to do an MRI, how would that affect the screws? Would it pull them out?

A:In regards to your questions about infraorbital rim implants I can provide the following answers:

1) All forms of aesthetic craniofacial implants are of a solid composition so the materials are structurally stable. They can never degrade or breakdown resulting in the need for eventua replacement. Solid silicone facial implants should not be confused with gel-filled breast implants which do have a limited lifespan.

2) While smaller standard infraorbital rim implants can be placed through a transconjunctival approach (inner eyelid), larger custom infraorbital rim implants can not. How this may apply to you I do not yet know.

3) The ultra small titanium screws that I use for most infraorbital rim implants (the same size as the screws in a pair of eyeglasses) are not going to make any metal detector go off and are compatible with MRIs. (titanium is a non–ferrromagnetic metal)

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon