Do I Need Orthognathic Surgery Or Something Else To Make Me Look More Attractive?

Q: Dr. Eppley, My objective with surgery is to look more attractive. I talked to one surgeon in my area and he suggested orthognathic surgery treatment. What is that and is that sometime you offer? Thank you

A: Orthognathic surgery is jaw surgery done for the primary functional purpose of improving one’s bite relationship. It is not done to change aesthetic facial proportions or improve one’s level of ‘attractiveness’ although in some cases there may be some aesthetic facial improvements if the imbalance is caused by skeletal disharmonies from the misaligned bite. I see no obvious benefit of this issue in your case based on pictures alone.

What you really have is some facial imbalances caused by a shorter lower jaw and a midfacial flatness. By proportion your nose is also larger. As shown in the attached imaging creating a more projecting and stringer lower jaw combined with rhinoplasty and infraorbital-malar augmentation can provide a male facial masculinization effect.,,,.which what I think you mean by being more attractive.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana