Do I Need Maxillomandibular Advancement Surgery?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have some specific questions regarding the projection of my upper and lower jaws because I’m unsure if I would be a candidate for maxillomandibular advancement or not.

Is my maxilla projected forward enough in your opinion? Are my tear troughs caused by a deficient maxilla or something else? I saw an orthodontist two years ago and she said I have class I bite. I have moderate crowding in my lower dental arch and light crowding in my upper arch; I am mentioning this because I’ve read that the teeth can indicate whether the jaws are recessed or projected forward.

I’m also aware that my chin is recessed; do you think I could potentially benefit from a double jaw surgery? I have attached some photos for your reference. 

Thank you,

A: In answer to your questions:

1) I see no indication whatsoever for maxillomandibular advancement surgery. You have adequate forward midface projection and a Class I occlusion.

2) Your moderate infraorbital deficiency and very modest chin recession are independent skeletal underdevelopments of the normal projecting maxilla and mandible.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana