Do I Need Custom Jaw Angle Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have had a chin implant which was done four years ago. Now I want to get a jaw angle implants to achieve a subtle outwards projection and a slight vertical projection such that the lower 1/3rd of the face becomes ever so slightly longer in the back. I only want subtle changes and do not want a very prominent square jaw. Instead, I want to retain the V shape ending of my lower 1/3rd of the face but just slightly stronger. Am I correct to assume that this can only be achieved through custom implants?

A:You are not correct in assuming that custom jaw angle implants would be needed to achieve your goals. While they could be done in a custom fashion, it would be more cost effective to modify existing stock jaw angle implants. Custom facial implants are almost always done when the size of the facial projection needed exceeds those implants which are commercially available. You are going the opposite and more favorable direction. Based on your description, I would recommend Medpor RZ jaw angle implants, small, which could be intraoperatively modified to 3mms lateral width extension and 5mms vertical length extension. That is about the size to me that you are talking about when you mean subtle increase in jaw angle projection.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana