Do I Need Breast Implants Or A Breast Lift?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I want to do something about my breast shape but am confused as to what to do. I have a little sag to them after two pregnancies and would love for them to be a little fuller and up higher. So I think that is why I need a breast lift but I really don’t want any scars on my breasts if I don’t have to. On the other hand, I am not opposed to breast implants if it will lift up the breasts and avoid any obvious scars on them. I have attached some pictures of my breasts for you to see. What is your recommendation?

A: Your breast dilemma is a common one in that you are what I call a ‘tweener’. You have some sagging so breast implants will add volume but the breast position will likely stay low.  A larger than desired breast implant may be needed to get the lifting effect you are after. A breast lift alone will changhe the position of the nipple and the breast mound but often the breasts may look smaller afterwards despite the better shape. A lift with an implant will allow you to have a smaller implant and slightly higher positioned breasts but that comes with the trade-off of scars.

Either way you have to accept some disadvantages with either approach and different plastic surgeons will have different preferences for either approach. You must think it through and decide which of the trade-offs is the better choice for you.

In ‘tweener’ patients like you, I wil often choose the middle of the road choice…breast implants with a superior or crescent nipple lift. This provides a slight upward nipple repositoning with minimal scars (no scars on the breast mound)  while relying on the implant to add volume and provide a bit of an upward push.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana