Do I Need Breast Implants, A Breast Lift Or Both?

Q: Dr. Eppley, After breast feeding, my breasts are less than perfect. My confidence has drastically decreased. I'm in incredible shape but my breasts are just mush. What kind of breast procedure do I need, augmentation or a lift?

A: For many women, the decision between needing an implant or a lift is very straightforward. Breast sagging after childbirth may be improved by implants if there is not too much loose skin and the nipples do not hang below the lower breast fold. If there is significant breast sagging then a combined implant and lift will be needed. It would be very rare to get a breast lift alone unless you already have substantial breast tissue volume. Having breasts described as ‘mush’ indicates a significant loss of breast tissue so some amount of volume through the use of implants is needed. With enough added volume, the loose skin may be adequately filled out and the nipple will sit in a good position. But if there is too much loose skin and the nipple sits even a little bit too low beforehand, the implants will not lift the nipple upward enough and some form of a breast lift will be needed.

Dr. Barry Eppley