Do I Need An Implant With My Breast Lift?

Q: Dr. Eppley, After breast feeding two babies my breasts have gone deflated. I know that I need a breast lift. My breast size now is a small 36C. Since the upper part of my breast (that part I see the most!) is flat, do you think I need an implant as well? I am not looking to be huge but think that it would help make my breast look fuller. If I get an implant with my lift, what type should I get? I’ve read that a silicone implant is more natural looking.

A: You have very astutely pointed out one of the most overlooked deficiences in breast lifts for some women. The fullness that it creates in the upper pole of the breast will likely only be temporary and often an implant is needed as well. When using implants in a breast lift, there are two general size considerations. A smaller implant can be used in which the goal is persistent upper pole fullness but not a significant change in breast size. A larger implant is used for both upper pole fullness and an overall breast size change. That is a decision that requires patient input. Whether the to go with a  saline  or silicone implant is matter of personal choice, the most significant factor is a cost difference (saline less costly) and the risk of eventual implant deflation (saline) versus silent implant rupture. (silicone)