Do I Need A Sliding Genioplasty Revision?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had a genioplasty two weeks ago and I hate the results. I’m a 23yo female and my chin now looks square and strong. I wanted to know how long I should wait to get it reversed since I don’t want my soft tissues to sag if I wait too long. I would like to schedule a virtual appointment with you to talk about it. The after pictures are the ones with the white shirt and the rest are the before. Thank you

A: I am sorry to hear of your initial dissatisfaction with the early results of your sliding genioplasty procedure. While it is true that early swelling can make one think their result is excessive when I get contacted by a patient who hates their early result they do not change their minds later about it when the swelling subsides. The two questions that matter then is 1) when should the revisional surgery be done and 2) it is total or subtotal genioplasty reversal. I did not see any before pictures in your inquiry and I do not know if you had preoperative computer imaging so you could look at various options of chin augmentation change but there was a reason you had the initial surgery so usually it a subtotal as opposed to a total reversal in most cases. I would need to see the preop pictures and do imaging to help you make that decision. In regards to timing, if you are absolutely sure this is not the result you were seeking then sooner is better than later.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana