Do I Need A Pubic Lift?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I believe I need a pubic lift. I have lost 100 lbs and am still over weight by a lot. But I had an abscess removed from one side of the upper pubic area and I’m also uneven on both sides. If you type in pubic lift blog on yahoo and under images there is pictures I believe of one you did that is quite large like mine little different I presume. My question is cost and what would be the steps and healing?

A: When

one has lost 100lbs, I would have no doubt that a pubic lift is needed. But I am suspicious that you may need much more than that. Usually such weight loss causes a lot of abdominal tissue overhang which is most commonly called a pannus or apron. This is a hip to hip removal of the abdominal overhang that would include a pubic lift. It is possible that an isolated pubic lift may suffice, or be partially helpful, but I would have to see pictures of your abdominal area to make a visual evaluation. There is a big difference in the cost and recovery of a pubic lift vs. abdominal panniculectomy so knowing what you look like is essential to answer your questions with any accuracy.

Dr. Barry Eppley