Do I Need A Full Facelift or What?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Not sure what I really need. My forehead has deep wrinkles, I have sagging eyelids, bags under my eyes and jaw line and under chin drooping. Is this a full facelift or what?

A: What you are describing are numerous facial aging changes that are located around the two main areas that bother people the most, the eye area and the jawline/neck region. Unless there is some significant eyebrow sagging, the forehead wrinkles are treated with Botox injections and not surgery. Changing these two aging facial areas require a combination of blepharoplasties (eyelid lifts/tucks) and a neck-jowl lift. This is often interpreted as a ‘full’ facelift but this is not really an accurate description. A facelift is the purest sense of the word really just addresses the neck and jowl area and nothing above the lower 1/3 of the face. You may have interpreted eyelift surgery as part of a ‘facelift’ but they really are a separated procedure that is often done simultaneously for a more complete facial rejuvenation effect.

Please send me some pictures of your face for my assessment and a more individualized answer for your needs.

Dr. Barry Eppley