Do I Need A Custom Wrap Around Implant For My Weak Jaw?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in jaw augmentation implants, specifically ones for vertical chin enhancement and lateral jaw angle implants. I have previously had a standard chin implant that only gave projection but did not correct a weak jaw. Your custom implants look like what I need. Do I need a CT scan for these or can I be assessed in person or on Skype?

A: Your story is a very common one, having had a standard chin implant which helped but left one way short of a more complete total jawline enhancement. What you undoubtably need is a more comprehensive approach with a custom wrap around jawline implant. This is designed from the patient’s 3D CT scan which you can get locally. (just let me know were you want it done and an order will be feed to them) In the interim, please send me some pictures of you face (front aide and three quarter view) from which I will do some computer imaging to see what type of jawline changes you are seeking in the vertical, horizontal and width dimensions. We can then have a Skype consultation to review these dimensional choices and discuss the details of the surgery.

I will have my assistant pass along the cost of the surgery and to arrange for a Skype consultation time next week.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana