Do I Need A Custom Design For Complete Infraorbital Rim Implant Coverage?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m considering improving my frontal angle of face. I am happy with my jawline but my cheeks lack definition. To add to this I have very unattractive eyes, which are close together and seem sunken in certain lighting especially the inner area – giving me a lion look. I think a cheek implant should be able to improve my eye area, giving me a more attractive look, but to remove the sunken inner eye area would I need a custom that goes all the way around ? If I crop a models lower face and insert it under mine I look a lot more attractive so I think a cheek implant with buccal fat removal will be able to achieve this. Finally I am extremely unhappy with my laugh from my 45 to 90 degree angle (smile is perfect). My cheeks seem very heavy and protrude out whilst my chin seem to move back (I think) will a buccal fat fix this. Thank you.

A: In answer to your facial contouring questions:

1) To get coverage over any or all of the infraorbital rim area a custom infraonital rim  implant design is needed.

2) A buccal lipectomy procedure reduces cheek fullness under the cheekbone in a static or non-smiling facial position. It is not intended or can it reduce the cheek fullness that occurs when the face smiles.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana