Do I Need A Chin Implant With Liposuction Of The Neck To Improve My Side Profile?

Q: Dr. Eppley,  I am a 31yr old female looking to improve the side profile of my face. I have a lot of fat under my chin and this causes an awful side profile. It also shows from the front. From what I’ve read about neck liposuction this could be a good option. But I’ve also read that chin implants can be useful for improving one’s profile as well. Which one would be best for me or do I need both?

A: Improving the profile of the neck and jawline must take into consideration whether excess fat and loose skin exists and the amount of bony chin projection. Given your age loose skin is not an issue so any consideration of a jawline tuck-up is not needed. The combination of neck liposuction and chin augmentation can be a very powerful changer of one’s profile, assuming one has a weaker chin to start. The best way to answer whether chin augmentation is beneficial is through computer imaging. See what your profile would look like with neck liposuction with and without chin augmentation. Seeing is believing.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana