Do I Need A Chin Implant Revision?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am in need of a chin implant revision. My surgeon used a 10mm Medpor chin implant. My face was round and small before, now its very long and wide so I look masculine. I’m female by the way. Is 1 month too early to tell? The shape of it has not changed since the first day after surgery and I hate it. I have attached some pictures of me before surgery and the way I am now.

A: The timing of a chin implant revision depends on when one is certain that its size and shape are not satisfactory. Even though it is just one month after surgery, if the chin augmentation looks too big and wide to you, it is because it is. I usually use the benchmark period of six weeks after surgery for one to have 90% of the facial implant result. Medpor chin implants have a very poor taper to them due to the material thickness and their extensions backward along the jawline are destined to make many women have wide looking chins. A large 10mm implant is most assuredly going to cause this widening effect. While you clearly appear to have been a good candidate for a chin augmentation, I am afraid that you appear to have the wrong implant style for your female facial features. Both your pictures and how you feel at this point indicate that clearly this is the case. I would suggest that you have a chin implant revision that either has the existing chin implant reshaped or exchange it for a chin implant that better matches your feminine facial shape.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana