Do I Need A Chin Augmentation With My Rhinoplasty?

Q: Dr. Eppley, my goal is a harmonious and ideal ‘male model’ look profile via rhinoplasty and possibly horizontal and vertical chin augment if rhinoplasty is not enough. I want to have rhinoplasty done to correct my deviated septum, hanging columella, raise my tip slightly and smooth a slight nasal hump. I’m wondering if I can get away with rhinoplasty alone to enhance my profile? I feel my chin is a little weak (I have an overbite ~ class II). I did orthodontics/braces to correct my crooked teeth only, but not my bite. I don’t want jaw surgery because I’m OK with my bite function.
Concern: My deep labiomental fold that is between my lower lip and chin. Will a chin augmentation hurt, help or not effect this crease? I don’t want to make this crease worse, I either want it unchanged or improved.

Questions: Chin

Which procedure is recommended to produce an ideal result. Implant, genioplasty or doing nothing?

If implant, how big and what type should be used?

If genioplasty, what kind of cut would be done horizontal?

Will a chin augmentation hurt, help or not not effect labiomental crease??

A:  In answer to your questions;
1) You absolutely can not get away with just a rhinoplasty alone to improve your profile. Your chin position is just too short. For your profile and overall facial aesthetics, chin correction is actually more important than the rhinoplasty.
2) Your chin correction should ideally be done by a sliding genioplasty because you have both a horizontal and a vertical chin deficiency.
3) The vertical component of the sliding genioplasty will allow the depth of the labiomental sulcus depth to remain unchanged as the chin comes forward.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana