Do I Need a Breast Lifts for My Saggy Breasts and How Bad are the Scars?

Q : I would like perky and fuller breasts. I have had three children and my breasts have just lost everything. They are so saggy and droopy they are disgusting. I am so embarrassed about them I won’t even let my husband see them. My right breast is also different than the left. It is bigger and more saggy and the nipple is much bigger. I know I want implants but I think I may some sort of lift too. Can you tell me how bad the scars will be?

A: The need for a lift with the use of breast implants can be determined by one simple anatomic measurement…where does the nipple sit relative to the lower breast fold. (inframammary crease) If the nipple is above this level, an implant alone will give the breast a good shape with the nipple reasonably centered on the new larger mound. If the nipple sits at or below the fold, then an implant will make the breast bigger but the nipple will be on the ‘southside’ of the mound. (i.e., pointing downward)

There are essentially four types of breast lifts based on how much the nipple needs to move upward. They are with their resultant scars; type 1 superior nipple lift (scar on top part of nipple), type 2 circumareolar lift (scar 360 degrees around the nipple), type 3 vertical breast lift (scar around the nipple and vertically down to the fold) and type 4 full breast lift. (around the nipple and vertically down into the fold and then horizontally along the fold, an anchor scar pattern)

In general, breast lift scars usually turn out pretty well. The scars around the nipple and along the inframammary fold do the best. If a vertical breast scar is needed between the nipple and the fold, this is the one that has the most potential to widen due to the constant pulling by the weight of the breast against the scar. Most breast lift scars revisions involve that scar if needed.

Dr. Barry Eppley