Do I Need A Breast Lift After My Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had gastric bypass surgery, and my breasts have flattened out and sag now but so far my actual cup size hasn’t altered all that much. I need a consultation to see what can be done to improve the look and shape of my breast. They have been large my whole life so I definitely do not want larger breasts at all.

A: With your weight loss, you undoubtably have lost some breast tissue volume or they would have not have flattened out and sagged. For a good breast shape, you simply have too much skin for the amount of breast tissue volume that you now have. A full breast lift does not remove any breast tissue but rather only the amount of skin needed to lift and reshape your breasts to a restored position back up on your chest wall. With that the nipple is moved up considerably to a central position on the respositioned breast mound. Interestingly, most breast lifts will actually make the breasts look smaller and never larger. But by your own description, you would not be offended if your breasts do look somewhat smaller. The only negative aspect of a breast lift is that there will be scars. These will be the classic anchor or inverted T scars that are typical of a full breast lift or a traditional breast reduction surgery.

Dr. Barry Eppley