Do I Need A Breast Lift After Having Four Children?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I was looking into breast implants but I just want to know do I need a breast lift and an implant? I am 27 and have 4 kids, all of which I breast fed so they do hang low. I want fuller looking boobs. Also What is the best kind of breast implant to get?

A: Even if you had not stated that your breasts hang low, it would be highly unlikely in the vast majority of women that have had four children that they wouldn’t have significant breast sagging. Therefore, in seeking the goal of fuller looking breasts you are going to need a lift. What type of breast lift (and there are four types) I can not tell you by your description alone but I will assume it is a full version. Remember that breast implants do not lift sagging breasts, that is a common misconception. While the size and type of breast implant is important (silicone gummy breast implants are best), your more important consideration is the need for the breast lift and the resultant scars that will be needed to perform it. In addition, the combination breast lift with implants is the hardest aesthetic breast surgery to perform to get the best symmetric results with significant revision rates for aesthetic adjustments.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana