Do I Have To Have My Chin Implant Revision Done Under Local Anesthesia?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am one month post surgery for chin implant done through the mouth. There has been a lump on one side right below the jaw line that is very hard, size of a pencil eraser. My sugeon want to correct it in the office under local anesthesia but plans on taking it out and putting it back in and going through the mouth again. This terrifies me for many reasons. I just now got all feeling back in my lower lip. I had a lot of pain from the stitches and I’m afraid of a worse outcome, and being awake in the office. I’d rather be put out. Should I get a second opinion? He is ready to do the revision now.

A: I think the timing for the chin implant revision is appropriate but you should have it done under the circumstances of which you are most comfortable. You should tell your surgeon you are not comfortable under local and perhaps he will consider some IV sedation which can feel very much like going to sleep. If not, then you will have to consider another surgeon.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana