Do Facial Implants Have Any Effect On Facial Aging?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have a few questions regarding facial implants. I did not see this addressed on your blog so thought I would ask. My question is regarding the known/ suspected long term effects of having facial implants if any. While I understand that for instance solid silicone implants such as the jaw/ chin implants I’m interested in will last a lifetime; however, what does the aging process hold for those that have such implants? Does placing an implant under the largest muscle (of the jaw) have drawbacks as I age. ( only in my 30’s now) Will jowls/ sagging skin etc show up faster since the muscle is now stretched over this new ( larger jaw)? How will chewing be effected if at all due to this as I age. Or will aging and its various processes just march on as if I never had anything done and just as if I was born with this new wider jaw and more pronounced chin? Thanks again for your time.
A: Facial implants, of any location, have no negative impact of facial aging and may actually have the reverse effect. As implants add volume by addition to the bone, they may prevent some tissue sag, or delay it, that will inevitably occur with aging. Jaw angle implants have no negative effect on chewing other than the initial discomfort and stiffness in mouth opening right after surgery that persists for a few weeks.

Dr. Barry Eppley