Do Existing Chin and Jaw Angle Implants Need to be Removed to Make a Custom Jawline Implant?

Q: Dr. Eppley, So i did get a jaw and chin implant surgery from a different surgeon in the end of October 2018 but I’m not happy with the results because its too big and asymmetrical. I did consult another surgeon in my area and he did agree thats it’s big for my face. Im considering getting a custom made jaw/ chin implant instead. Would Dr Eppley be able to make a custom implant even though I have the existing implants. Does he have to remove it first before he can measure the dimension of the custom implant?

Thank you 

A: Having existing chin and jaw implants in place is actually very helpful in designing a custom jawline implant because you know how to better design a new implant. By taking what is disliked with the indwelling implants it helps guide how to make a new implant better. About 1/3 of custom jawline implants patients I see have chin and/or jaw angles in place.

The 3D CT scan used for custom implant designing will show the existing implants, which are then digitally removed to design the new ones, and then digitally overlaid back over them for comparison purposes. 

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana