Do Cosmetic Lipodissolve Injections Work For Lipomas?

Q:  I have 5 lipomas in my stomach area and would love to have their size reduced, if not completely gone. I’ve been looking into having them treated by deoxycholate injections. What has been your success in getting rid of them (all of them are less than 4 cm in diameter) and how many injections sessions does it usually take? 

A:  The traditional method for lipoma removal is excision. These are encapsulated benign fat tumors that actually pop out of small incisions made directly over them fairly easily with a little pressure. But in an effort to avoid surgery, the use of fat-dissolving injections has been done for them as well. Known chemically as deoxycholate or phosphatidylcholine deoxycholate (often called Lipodissolve), this solution has been well described for the cosmetic reduction of small body fat collections. Working through an inflammatory process, this solution is known to break down the cell walls of fat allowing their fatty acid content to be released. It is less well described and known for fatty tumors (lipomas) treatment but it works through a similar inflammatory process. The fat in a lipoma is more densely packed and , in theory, is a little more resistant.

I have treated a series of lipoma patients with these Lipodissolve injections in my Indianapolis plastic surgery practice and do find it to be effective. It does take more than one injection session to get maximal reduction in most patients. How many injections sessions that would be depends on the size of the lipoma. As a general rule, expect about a 50% reduction with each injection session. 

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana