Deltoid Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have a question about deltoid implants if you don’t mind. Basically I have been doing searches for the right type of deltoid implants to achieve my goals. I currently understand there is a limit to how much shoulder width can actually be achieved, I have looked at many deltoid implants from the few surgeons who actually preform them and I realize that all of them seem different. Some add more width some add less width, some look noticeable some don’t look that noticeable. I am going to attach a photo of the deltoid implant goal that I would like to achieve. I understand there are different locations for where the deltoid implant can actually be placed I believe. But here is something that I would like to achieve. The claim on that augmentation is apparently 44cm to 50cm, which may or may not be accurate. Although it definitely did supply a noticeable amount of shoulder width. My shoulder width looks pretty similar to the guy posted in the photo on the left, I am also not thin. This one caught my eye due to the lack of you can’t really tell that there is an implant in his shoulder really. It’s not noticeable to someone who wouldn’t know that the procedure was done. 

How much width do you think this patient achieved if you had to guess? Is a result possible like this for me to achieve? Why I am pleased the most with this result is the fact that it makes the actual clavicles look a little longer in my opinion. Thank you so much for reading my email. 

A: Since I did not do the patient’s deltoid implants to which you refer I can not accurately tell what thickness those implants were. Beware that the photos you are showing is likely a small deltoid implant placed very high which may had about 1 cmof width. I would not assume that the outline of the implant is not seen just based on a front view picture. Its ‘obscurity’ can only really be determined from a side picture.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana