Deltoid Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley I would like to get deltoid implants, I’m a fairly tall at 6’1 but my shoulders are lacking. I have a narrow frame and would like silicone implants to widen my shoulders by 6 cm all together. I saw where a doctor from South Korea does deltoid implants by placing an incision under the armpit and uses silicone implants over the shoulders to reshape them and widen them. I would like to do 3 cm on each side like that surgeon does. I want to maximize my shoulders as much as possible while not over doing it. I would like to see if my clavicle growth plates have fused though before I get the implants to make sure I still have some growing room, thank you and hopefully you get back to me. 

Deltoid Implants shape Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisDeltoid Implants dimensions Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisA:  Deltoid implants are indeed placed through a posterior axillary incision. The implants are placed under the fascia up over the central region of the deltoid muscle. As you may know there are no off-the-shelf preformed deltoid implants that are commercially available in the U.S. due to low patient demand. What I use are Implantech’s  silicone contoured carving blocks Style 3. Their greatest thickness are 2.1 cms. While a 3 cms deltoid implant can be made by them that is going to raise the cost of the implants by a significant amount. You will have to decide if the extra 9mms is worth the additional cost.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana