Custom Midface Implant

Q: Dr. Eppley, I wanted to have a chin implant and midface augmentation (orbital rim, paranasal and cheek implants). Recently, I discovered a question on Realself where you said that one big, custom midface implant would be the best choice. This looks like it would augment exactly what I want to be augmented! Wouldn’t this save me money and be the perfect option for a flat/droopy midface because the implant would be adapted to my bone structure? What I’m searching for is a chiseled, “bone” look, because I see many cheek augmentations that are too low or feminine on men! The chin implant is a standard design though, isn’t it?

A: There is no question that a single total midface augmentation by a custom made implant from a 3D CT scan would have the best and most comprehensive effect. (custom midface implant) Since there are no true preformed midface implants (cheeks and paranasal do exist but nothing for the maxilla or orbital rim), only a custom midface implant would work. This type of implant combines all the skeletal areas on the midface into a single implant, thus creating almost a LeFort III advancement effect. (minus the occlusion changes)

Chin implants, however, do come in a wide variety of styles and sizes so something ‘off the shelf’ may well work.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana