Custom Midface Implant

Q: Dr. Eppley, With my custom midface implant I hope to be able to meet with the engineers to tell them how I want my implant designed in detail. I also wonder if I can have a midface lift at the same time as the placement of the custom midface implant.

A: In terms of custom midface implant design process, patients can not have a direct participation in the actual designing of the implants with the engineers. Since the patient is not a surgeon, direct manufacture and patient contact is prohibited by the FDA. The implant design process is done between myself and the engineers independent of the patient. Patients to get to see the implant designs and make comments and suggestions from the PDF file designs provided to them after each design session. Only three implant design sessions are done from which the final design must be completed. Final implant designs must be submitted a minimum of two weeks before the actual surgery date.

With the placement of any midface implant a midface lift can not be performed at the same time. A midface lift in a young person is also an unnecessary and ineffective procedure. This is an operation for older patients who actually have lose midface misses from aging and bone loss.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana