Custom Jawline Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley, I read your case studies on custom jawline implants and wonders if the same could be performed to avoid jaw realignment surgery? Because the studies featured all men wanting masculine jaws what about Asian women who desires a V-shaped jaw? I had a sliding genioplasty and braces five years ago but I still needs to protract my jaw forward.When I protract my jaw I’m satisfied with my looks but I have a cross bite. If I revert to the proper bite the braces gave me then I look almost jawless/chinless. All surgeons I approached told me I have to go back to braces for several years and redo the jaw alignment. I also have a cobblestone chin appearance which I suspect to be caused by the scar tissue from the sliding genioplasty.

A: While many custom jawline implants are doing in men, there are some women that get them. And they usually do get them to create more of a v-line jawline effect. Please send me some pictures of your jaw at rest and then the look you are trying to achieve with your jaw protracted. I have not doubt that a custom jawline implant can achieve that look from the voluntary jaw protrusion.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana