Custom Jawline Implant Revision

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am seeking custom jawline implant revision. I’ve been doing more reading on your answers on Real Self and your resource page regarding jaw augmentation. I recently went back into surgery to have my custom made jaw implants reduced in order to remove a bump that was sticking out on one side and to slightly bring it in along the posterior border. Although I am still mildly swollen I know for a fact that my doctor has probably made it look a bit too natural. I realized the protrusion was giving my jaw a square chiseled look and what I should have proposed is that we match the other side and enlarge that slightly instead of the other way around. I now have a balanced looking jawline. (which is a plus). However I really miss the tiny pointy bit of augmentation I once had. Is there anyway I can reverse this without having to get more custom made implants. I’m hoping some sort of material or silicone block is available or can be carved by my doctor to put back in in order to give my lower face more convexity from frontal view. Any assistance would be great!

A: My experience has been that this can be achieved by placing a small vertical lengthening jaw angle implant over the angle point of the indwelling implants. This his how to augment or accentuate a rounder jaw angle implant shape into a more defined one secondarily. Overlaying a new implant on top of the existing one usually requires screw fixation in this type of custom jawline implant revision.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana