Custom Jawline Implant Recovery

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in knowing more about the custom jawline implant recovery process. I was looking at some of the before and after photos of custom wrap around chin and jaw implants on your website/RealSelf, they look amazing. Part of me says, I should do the whole jaw and be done with it. 

I would highly appreciate if you would explain to me one more time a detailed recovery timeline, progression of healing process such as what to expect in first few days to first few weeks and months,  along with most common complications and possible worst complications.

A: I will sum up the custom jawline implant recovery process, which is largely related to facial swelling, by this phrase…‘There will be more swelling that you can imagine and it will take longer to go away that you ever want’. If you embrace this concept then you will be well prepared for the surgery. To put specifics to it, 50% of the swelling goes down by 10 days, 66% to 75% by three weeks and 90% to 95% by 6 weeks after surgery. I do not judge, nor do I ever do any revisions, until the final result is truly seen three months after the surgery when all swelling, tissue shrinkage and psychological adaptation to the new look has occurred. Most patients will feel comfortable going out in public somewhere between 10 to 14 days after surgery.

The most common complication after a custom jawline implant is the inability of some patients to tolerate the necessary recovery process. They can feel it is ‘too big’ and want to rush to an early revision. (downsizing or removal) While this does not happen to all patients it probably occurs in about 25% of them and can pose a stressful recovery process for both surgeon and patient.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana