Custom Jawline Implant Questions

Q: Dr. Eppley,  How much would a custom jawline implant cost?

How quickly can it be arranged?

What will my face look like after the surgery?

What complications may arise?

What happens if the result is unlike that which I desire?

A: In answer to your custom jawline implant questions:

1) My assistant Camille will pass along the cost of the surgery to you by tomorrow.

2) It takes four weeks once a 3D CT scan is obtained to do the design and implant manufacture process.

3) Preoperative computer imaging is used to try and determine your facial reshaping goals which helps guide the design of the implant.

4) The most serious complication is an infection, the most common complications are aesthetic in nature. (asymmetry and how close to achieve the patient’s goal did the surgical result achieve)

5) Every surgeon has a revisional surgery policy and forms of which it is mandatory that they have read it and agree to them. No surgery can give guaranteed results eve with custom facial implants

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana