Custom Jawline Implant Installation

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have a question regarding the “installation” of a custom jawline  implant. Is the implant installed as one complete piece? Or the implant is divided in three pieces? For example. Left Jaw angle piece, center piece and Right Jaw angle piece… In case I only like the angles or in case if the center area only needs revision because infection in the tissue or maybe we need to decrease the size. This way we don’t need to remove it all.

A: Custom jawline implants can be placed either as a single piece, split in the middle and placed as two pieces or sectioned into thirds and placed as three pieces. I have always done it in one or two pieces but have not done it in three pieces although that is a viable method. Whether it is placed as one or two pieces depend on the size of the jaw angles and whether they will safely slide under the mental nerve if placed in a front to back single piece method. If possible this is the preferred method. But if the jaw angles are greater than 9mms and can not be folded to safely fit under the mental nerve, the implant is split in the middle and inserted in back to front method and then reunited in the middle over the chin.

But I have no opposition to the three piece method if it is necessary and that is what you prefer.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana