Silicone Custom Jawline Implant

Q: Dr. Eppley ,I might just take this moment to get a full understanding of the silicone custom jawline implant by asking some questions:

1. The common problem of bone erosion with silastic implants is eliminated if the silastic implant is customized and fixed with screws?
2. Custom made silastic implants are made to last a lifetime inside the patient? In other words, there is no need to replace them unless the patient desires to do so.
3. In my case the silastic implant would be inserted intraorally since the PEEK implant will be extracted this way?
4. You would let me be involved in the designing process from start to finish and will show drafts and answer emails if the patient tries to engage you in the design?
5. You are willing to design implants that do not just provide volume in the right places but also correct asymmetries between the facial halves?
6. Do you have any computer program that could reasonably project how a finished implant design (for both the cheekbones and the mandible) would make my face look before we manufacture the implant?
7. Your finished implant design can be scrutinized and revised, if necessary, until we are both satisfied that it would fulfill my aesthetic wishes?
8. Implants are made well in advance and would only be manufactured with my explicit consent?

Kind regards

A: In answer to your silicone custom jawline implant questions:

1) All implants on the jawline, regardless of their composition, create some degree of passive implant settling and even bony overgrowth particularly back at the jaw angle area. These are natural phenomenon when placing implants on bone that is most manifest on the mandible. The concept of ‘bone erosion from silicone implants’ is both misunderstood and erroneous.

2) All implants for the jawline (silicone, Medpor, PEEK etc) are permanent materials that do not undergo degradation of the material over time. From a material standpoint they are lifelong devices.

3) If your PEEK implants were inserted intraorally then silicone implants can be done as well.

4) to 7) I have a very specific protocol on how custom implants are designed with patient participation. I have attached a document which explains the details of this process that every custom implant patient is required to read and sign before the implant design process is ever started.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana