Custom Jawline Implant

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had a question that has made me a bit nervous about a custom jawline implant Originally, i was going to have just jaw implants, but after talking to Dr eppley, I decided to do the full jawline including chin, for a more symmetric look.  I was wondering a bit about the implant insertion. With just the jaw, I know that the implants were put in from the inside of the mouth, being placed gently under the muscle. But with the full jawline/chin implant, I didn’t know how it would be inserted and if there are complications. From what I understand, under the chin will be the incision. will the implant be one big piece and slid back on both sides to its final location. Are there any complication with the muscles by inserting this way? Is it easy and safe. Also, is it one piece, or is it 3 pieces that are created together that will be re-attached together at the end (2 jawlines and chin). I’m just looking for a more in depth explanation. Any videos of the surgery you could recommend. Let me know if you have any details you could share for me.

A: A custom jawline implant is put in usually as a single piece implant. But it requires three incisions to properly place…two inside the mouth and a front incision done either inside the mouth or from under the chin. The effects on the mentalis and master muscles are the same whether one has a total wraparound custom jawline implant or three separate implants. (chin and two jaw angles) In either case the same subperiosteal pocket must be made.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana