Custom Jawline Implant

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have had custom jawline implant (chin and jaw angle implants) made and placed and I have included my before surgery and after surgery pictures. I am very happy with the chin portion. I also like the jaw portion, but feel like it left me with a sort of puffy look versus the more v shaped jaw i was looking for. I know it isn’t possible to look like Brad Pitt or a male celebrity, but I at least wanted to try and emulate the general characteristics. Just going off of what the implants did, I figured going a few mm more in width and couple mm in posterior drop would be beneficial, but of course I defer to you.  I have attached some pictures of the general look I am going for, and would appreciate any comments on what you think would look good for me. Also, in seeing my pictures, do you think I would benefit from the temporal augmentation with implants? Or is it something you don’t think would add much? I have always appreciated your expert and honest advice.

A: Your jaw angle implants did not get close to your desired result because they did not go back far enough and had no vertical drop. Thus they may you look ‘puffy’ but did not add any angularity to the jaw angles and don’t really match the chin that well. Also the inplant design appears to be connected on the left side but not on the right for some reason. Without dropping the entire jawline from chin on back to the angles you will not improve your posterior jaw shape. In essence you need a connected wraparound cusyom jawline implant that is better designed for your objectives.

If you increase your jawline than I would agree that the width of your temporal and lateral forehead region is comparatively too narrow. Extended anterior temporal implants would provide a good balance with a new posterior jawline.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana