Custom Wrap Around Jawline Implant

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have some questions about the custom wrap around jawline implant.

1/ What is the maximum horizontal projection (in mm) that (wraparound) custom jaw implants of ‘mimicking BSSO’?

2/ What other procedures or implants are necessary to mimic BSSO?

(other than custom jaw implants, custom midface implants, genioplasty)

3/ What is the approximate cost for the procedure?

4/ Can the chin be very square (front view) & slightly wider than the mouth/lips?

A: In answer to your custom wrap around jawline implant questions:

  1. A BSSO mandibular osteotomy and a wrap around jawline implant are not comparable procedures as they have very different effects on the lower face. From an aesthetic standpoint an implant is far superior to the BSSO because it creates a 3D augmentation of the mandible which a BSSO can not. A BSSO is limited in its forward movement by the teeth coming together, a custom jawline implant is not. How much horizontal projection an implant can create must be determined on an individual basis.
  2. A sliding genioplasty creates forward projection of the chin, like a BSSO, but is not limited by teeth contact like the BSSO is.
  3. My assistant Camille will p[ass along the cost of the procedure to you next week.
  4. In a custom wrap around jawline implant the width of the chin can be designed to the dimensions that it takes to meet the patient’s aesthetic needs.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana