Custom Jawline Implant

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in a full wrap around custom jaw implant as it seems to be exactly what I need for the look I am interested in. When making the wrap around it it possible to make the side ends thick to get an end result like I have illustrated in this example but also build in the chin implant on the wrap around to make my chin longer and more aesthetic? With my current chin implant I feel like the chin implant was placed too high and has altered my smile, so fixing it all in one go would be great. I am from around Loa Angeles so could I fly out prior to surgery and get a 3D CT scan and show you exactly the type of implant I wanted? Also would I need to get my wisdom teeth removed before the surgery? I talked to another doctor who required it.

A: The wrap around custom jaw implant is the only way you can get that continuous jawline look that goes from side to side. That jawline implant look (large wide jaw angles) can be designed although many patients would consider the look to which you reference as being excessively wide in the jaw angle area. Vertically lengthening of the chin as part of the design is commonly done for many custom jawline implant proedures.

The 3D CT scan which is needed can be done where you live so there is no need to come here to get that done. The design part is done from afar with you and it takes about three weeks from design to having the implant ready for surgery.

Whether your wisdom teeth should be removed depends on whether they fully erupted or partially or full bony impacted and whether they have ever been symptomatic. (e.g., developed pericoronitis) If they are full erupted  and are asymptomatic then it does not matter if they are in place or not. But if they are less than fully erupted they should be removed 3 months prior to the custom jawline implant procedure.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana