Custom Jawline Implant

Dr. Eppley, I am interested in a custom jawline implant that extends the entire vertical length of the jawline. I wanted to know if I would be a good candidate without orthographic surgery. I just want more vertical length and do you do any kind of computer generated simulations of expected results.  Also can someone have sliding genioplasty along with an implant like a wraparound to add length all the way around the jaw?? Thanks

A: If you want length along the entire jawline, it would make the most sense to do a custom jawline implant that wraps around the entire jawline. While you can have a vertical lengthening sliding genioplasty combined with custom jaw angle implants that does not make the most sense either economically or for having a smooth and continuous jawline from angle to angle. A one-piece jawline implant that crosses the chin would make for the smoothest lower edge all the way around from jaw angle to jaw angle.

You probably don’t need as much vertical length as you think. A 5 to 6mm vertical lengthening of the entire jawline can create an effect much greater than you would think. It is because it covers such a large surface area of the jaw.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana