Custom Jaw Angle Implants Design and Surgical Placement Process

Q: Dr. Eppley, I was reviewing some information with a custom jaw and chin implant that was one piece and appeared to have some soft portions to it.  I don’t believe that I need a chin implant.  I was just checking in regard to the custom jaw implants.  

How long would it take to examine me, design and fabricate the implants?  Approximately how long for surgery?  Would it be better for me to be there in person for you to examine me initially? 

A: I am not sure what information exists that suggests that any custom one piece total jawline implant has some ‘soft portions’ to it. But that is certainly not true. 

To be implant type specific the term ‘jaw implant’ refers to any implant that may be used along the jawline at any location, it is a general term. What you are seeking are ‘jaw angle’ implants, one type of implant that is used for the back end of the jaw.

On average it takes 30 days to design, manufacture and ship for surgery any custom implant…after a 3D CT has been obtained from which the implant is so designed. That would be the shortest possible time.

The surgical time required for removal of your existing jaw angle implants and their replacement with new custom jaw angle implants would be 90 minutes.

Seeing you in person doesn’t really add much to deterring what a new implant design would be. Having existing implants in place is the single most important aid in a custom implant design. Such implants can clearly be seen on the bone in the 3D CT scan. When you know what you have in you doesn’t work well, you have a good guide as to how to improve their design and dimensional requirements.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana